Jane Austen Tours

Immerse yourself in Jane's World

The Chirton Grange Jane Austen Tour will take you outside of London and into some of the most beautiful parts of Southern England. Jane lived her life between Bath, Winchester and the Hampshire countryside and we'll show you each step on the way.      

Born in December 1775, Jane grew up in Steventon rectory before being educated at Oxford, eventually returning after illness to Southampton to be educated by Miss Cawley.      However, by 1800 her father had decided to quit the ministry and moved the whole family to Bath where the family home still stands today.

Unfortunately her father would unexpectedly die soon after this, leaving Jane, her sister Cassandra and mother without a home. Fortunately, through a death in her brother's family he would inherited large estates in Chawton, Hampshire. He allowed the ladies to move into a property in the pretty village which has since been restored to its original state and run by the Jane Austen Society as a museum.      

It was in this property where Jane would complete the novels Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice among others. Unfortunately, Jane took ill and died at the young age of 41, seeing out her final days in a house in Winchester close to her doctor. Again the building still stands to commemorate Jane, along with her grave at Winchester Cathedral.      

This year, the Jane Austen Society celebrates the 200th anniversary of her death with some carefully planned events and exhibitions at the museum. There really is no better time to take the Chirton Grange Jane Austen Tour.