Harry Potter Tours

No muggles allowed

At Chirton Grange we’re one of the few Muggles who have the knowledge of the magical world and we’ve used it to bring you the complete Harry Potter tour. The day in London will involve traveling in a mystical Mercedes around the various sites before heading up to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour to get the complete immersive Potter experience.  

After being collected from your hotel in the morning, we’ll whisk you down to the Ministry of Magic and show you the entrances – sorry, you can’t go in – before a quick spin around Gringotts Bank with a stop for photos. We’ll then head to Diagon Alley and see the Leaky Cauldron as well as showing you the bridge tragically destroyed by the Death Eaters (miraculously still standing).  

Once the selfie tour of Potter sites in London is complete, we’ll apparate off to North London and the Harry Potter Studio tour. This really is the best way to immerse yourself in the world created by JK Rowling, you’ll get to ride a broom, see more of Diagon Alley, visit the Great Hall at Hogwarts as well as learning spells and incantations.  

And after all that, we’ll whisk you back to your hotel where you’ll be able to fall under a heavy sleeping spell and recharge for the rest of your break.

NOTE – Please ensure you bring wands, you never know what Fantastic Beasts we’ll encounter