Football Tours

Soccer Tours

We know you and your family love football. So Chirton Grange have designed a unique, guided football tour which will allow you to not only see the game, but also a chance to play the beautiful game.      

Football is woven into British history, so while we know you'll visit all the wonderful palaces this country has to offer, this tour will give the perfect opportunity for you and the kids to blow off some steam, have fun and soak up a real football atmosphere.

With two options for fun, you can either tour a professional stadium, maybe Wembley, home of England, before heading out to play footgolf (exactly what it sounds like) before soaking up the atmosphere at a local game in the English Football League (Scotland available on request - but why?).

If you're more accustomed to our game then we can take you to the National Football Centre at St George's Park where the England National Team train for sessions with FA qualified coaches before heading to lunch and a game.