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Spy Tours

This true-life and exhilarating evening tour brings the secretive, dangerous and frequently sinister side of espionage in London to life. You and your party of up to six guests will be accompanied by a former intelligence asset and chauffeured in a luxury vehicle on a trail through the world’s espionage capital, that Casablanca of espionage called London. You’ll traverse some of its finest streets and hear of their little known secrets and international espionage scandals, the unlaundered linen behind London’s palatial architectural facades.   

Have you ever wondered how international spies operate across London, where they meet and how they communicate? How London’s most infamous gangsters, its own Al Capone’s, thrived in ambassadorial circles dirty dealing with chargés d'affaires to spawn their empires, socialising with global icons and becoming celebrities in their own right? Learn how embassies are not always what they seem and how they have collaborated with London’s most notorious organised crime gangs for nefarious purposes. This is a rare opportunity to digest a pot pourri of breath taking information from an actual operative.   

The evening will conclude with an intimate dinner in one of London’s most luxurious private hotels hosted by a former senior intelligence operative. This rare opportunity will give you the answers to the myriad of questions you will undoubtedly pose. Moreover, you will be enthralled to hear about some of his haunting endeavours in dealing with espionage, exposing international corruption and facing the life threatening consequences of his ongoing covert activities. You can rest assured you and your party are destined for a memorable, eye opening evening